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Join us weekly on Thursday for tasting events with our featured brewery, wineries, wine reps, and with the wine and beer nerds of Nectar Wine and Beer. Tastings are just $10 ($5 for members).

Featured Brewery Tasting

1st Thursday, 6-8pm

Every month Nectar Wine and Beer features a brewery allowing them to take over six of our handles. This unique tap takeover allows our customers to taste a bigger line up of a different craft brewery every month. Join us on the First Thursday of each month for the kick off! We will have a brewery rep on hand as well as swag and prizes to the early birds.

Enjoy all 6 Two Beers offerings for just $10 ($5 for members). Prizes and swag to the first 10 tasters.

Wine Club Wines

2nd Thursday 6-8pm

Our wine club members are awesome! After tasting hundreds of wine each month we pick 1, 2 or 3 wines for them based on their interest. The 2nd Thursday of the month is for YOU and our members. Taste what we picked and pick up and extra bottle or two of your favorites without opening your own selection. You are sure to find new favorites from the tasting.

Taste the 5 club wines for only $10 ($5 for members).

Beer Tasting with Ben

3rd Thursday 6-8pm

Ben is one of the most savvy beer nerds in Spokane. He dives into the distributor lists and finds some of the rarest and coolest beers to share with you. He has even been know to drive to Seattle to get something special. Each month he crafts a beer tasting that will have even the nerdiest of beer nerds excited.

Taste the 6  Themed Beers for only $10 ($5 for members).

Wine or Winery Tasting

4th Thursday 6-8pm

Our owner, Josh, loves his wine. He spends a good amount of time working with wineries and distributors to find good deals for you. The last Thursday of the month is usually reserved to showcase a specific winery, style, region, or seasonal selections. Check our Facebook and Instagram to find out what is on the bar for these fun events.

Taste 5 or 6 wines for only $10 ($5 for members)

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