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National ROSÉ Day – Drink Pink Spokane

One of my goals in life is that everyone appreciates the joy of Rosé. Having been serving pink wine to people for nearly 10 years I’ve seen all kinds of reactions from squished noses, hand in my face, to the snooty, “I don’t drink blush.” Well, hell, we don’t blame you, we don’t drink blush either! Rosé is a refined wine intentionally made for summer quaffing, summer food pairing and should just be declared the water of the summer season!

The second Saturday of June is a holiday, quite possibly a global event, dedicated to evangelizing the masses on the powers of drinking pink. Rosé is made from either the free run juice of a red wine grape or a lightly pressed run of juice after minimal skin contact (from 6-24 hours). The juice of a red wine grape is clear, it is the skin contact that gives it color. Your bold red wines stay in contact with the skin for a period of 7 to 30 days depending on the wine makers preference and style. With the minimal skin contact the juice is extracting some flavor from the skin while maintaining a crispness and acidity from the juice. Once that juice is pressed it goes through the fermentation process and is usually made dry or bone dry with zero to 2% residual sugar. So, traditional Rosé is NOT SWEET.

Popular grapes to make Rosé with are Grenache, Syrah, and Sangiovese, however winemakers can experiment and make Rosé from any red wine grape.

Join us the second Saturday in June. We will have 6 Rosé from around the world available for glass pours and a flight of 3. All bottles of Rosé will be 15% off to take home. Retail prices are only $10.99 to $19.99 per bottle so stock up on your summer water!

To get all geeky and learn more about Rose, visit WineFolly.com

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